Exactly two years ago I looked at the whole of the Model III EMS project since 1972. This was a more complete review of the various eras of development, documenting several of my flip-flops on analog versus digital, hardware versus software. In 2019, I had VCV Rack working, and was experimenting with Python for sound generation, sound on Linux, and also taking another look at Csound.

I worked on analog and digital hardware variously over the last two years, and that work was fun and rewarding. But each interim return to software became more and more familiar, especially in the case of Csound.

Modular hardware synthesis is a way of working with sound. I liked it a lot, and it's clearly still quite popular. But there are other modes to electronic music. One size does not fit all. With repeated reintroductions to Csound, and other aspects of software synthesis, my familiarity with music, composition, and orchestration began to return -- deep knowledge that I had in the early 1970s.

That sure felt good. The experience then started to really beg the question: What is this all for?

The following came to mind:

  • Experimental sound compositions, explorations of new sounds. But not atonality, beeps and bloops, and not "electronic" sounding music.
  • Related to this, a return to Music Concrete.
  • Film music. Scores for other of my visual art projects, including experimental film and photography work.
  • Trance Dance music, ambient scores that go on forever.
  • Creating pop music, scoring for my very own rock band.

I definitely deepened my analog design skills over the last 20 years. And I created numerous digital logic and hybrid solutions and innovations for sound generation and signal processing. I still want to design and build test instruments. Tektronix forever. And all these skills and knowledge are useful for RF design and implementation, in general. And the EE lab is extremely well equipped for any projects I might ever want to do.

It now seems to be time to return to creating sound and compositions, like I had started doing in he 1970s. And time to master even more deeply software engineering. Master these things through effort and discipline.